Just a little help from cycling friends ...

This is a blog which is designed to provide an insight into the beautiful potential of travel by bike. This is an up to date guide that offers detailed information on the routes available, amenities on the way and sites to see. The rewards of cycling independently, through the heart of local communities is substantial. The waves and greetings from the friendly faces is the encouragement when needed and the view of a landscape is the finest reward to receive.

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We invite you to read into our experience, relive the good, bad and ugly, on our trip. Learn some of our personal do's and dont's on the road, and we hope that this will be beneficial in directing you on the right track. We appreciate any additions you have to offer.. suggested routes old and new all will contribute to giving a network of safe reliable roads.
Bike touring doesn't have to burn a huge hole in your pocket, we offer our advice on how you can do it affordably and travel longer.

Max & Cynthia