Alright, so we are all « same same, but different » but most of us enjoy not wearing the same thing everyday (but Max). I’m not a girly-girl, I don’t wear make up, I usually cut my hair myself and don’t use conventional shampoo... however, I don't appreciate wearing the same clothes day in-day out.

When travelling, you have two choices; carrying too much stuff - or keeping it light. For us, it was simple - the less with us - the easier it would be to cycle. It’s not always that simple to carry 'little' when travelling, as it's very important to respect other cultures and religious beliefs. I didn’t want to offend South East Asians, so I didn’t take any dresses with me... silly idea because I love wearing dresses, and its probably the only thing I wear at night. So I soon ended up buying one in a night market which was big, bulky and heavy. Not convenient for travel you’ll say… totally agree with you.

I do have one  multi dress (that I've taken on this trip to Portugal), and I’ve been wearing it for more than 6 years now. But there is one problem ; it’s not the most useful one when travelling as it’s a little too revealing... Its a beautiful dress,  very practical, but it's not what you should wear in South East Asia, or in any other traditional country if you want to respect their culture and be respected back.

Multi-dress- American Apparel

So I've looked around and found this company :

A lovely small Canadian company that produces fantastic clothing for sport and travel wear. The material is breathable, it won't creased and will dry quickly. Here's a link to one of their AMAZING dresses called Marie Soleil. It can be worn in so many different ways, it has got to be the best dress for travelling. Most of their clothes are designed to be multi wear, and they’ve also created a line for cyclists, as the designer is a keen cyclist herself.

Check this pair of panty’s called : Culotte Eve

Its a fantastic invention for bike tourer, you won't have to carry too many cyclist Bid with you saving on space in your luggage and you'll then be able to wear what you want over it without having to many layers.

This is a great company because its designed in Quebec and produced in Montreal, its not just another company mass produced in China or Bangladesh, so you can be assured of the quality, sustainability and the fairness of your new purchase.

I discovered the KSLstore over Christmas and at the time was low on cash, so I'll have to wait till  next Christmas to treat myself. 100% sure =)

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