Plastic is everywhere…

Do you know how many plastic bottles goes in the bin everyday? In the US alone, there are around 60 million plastic bottles chucked every day. So in countries where you can't drink water from the tap...  Just imagine the waste!

If you drink plastic bottles of water at home, please read this interesting article : Bottle History.

For travelling in countries with unsafe tap water we opted for: Grayl's purifying bottle. They are a fantastic option for eco friendly travellers concerned about the environment impacts our decisions make. They're quick functioning, easy to use and durable. They have just released a new product, a lightweight bottle - that we will be using and reviewing on our next trip.

The Grayl filtration and purification system, protects against 99.99% of harmful viruses, bacteria and protozoan cysts. This will provide safe and clean water anywhere in the world.Grayl Filtering bottle - Camodia

It's a big investment when planning your budget, but if you consider how many bottles of water you'll buy over there, it will even out in the end. On top of that, you've then got a practical bottle for everyday life after your travels.

Grayl have a variety of filters for different environments, whether it be in the home or on a hike. We've only used the purifying filter in South East Asia and never had any problems. We drank the water in Bangkok straight from the tap, but it tasted horrible... so we filtered it and removed the strong fishy taste..! Grayl bottles also remove any hard metals and other unwanted sediment from the water.

If you don't pick up a purifiying system before travelling South East Asia, the locals don't drink tap water either, so you'll often find big blue tanks where you can rehydrate. The water is purified for making ice and we never had any problems with ice in our entire trip.


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