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We are still in the Algarve waiting for warmer nights before heading up north. We’ve been looking for bicycles and polishing the blog on South East Asia. We’re still doing HelpX but in the different place now, we’re in Aljezur a little bit further north west where we’ve met Myriam a lovely spanish girl. The coastal hikes are as beautiful but the rock formations are darker.

We’ve done our first surf lesson and we could say - it went well.. ! We’re now surrounded by pets ; 7 dogs and 4 cats !

Just a little information about us - to remind you we’re still alive !

Un gros bizou du Portugal

Cyn & Max





2 Comments on “News from Aljezur

  1. Hello,
    I am planning a trip this summer in Spain and Portugal by bike, I count along the Atlantic and Mediterranean coast. Can you give me some websites, facebook pages, books or any means that could help me in any way for this trip?
    Thank you and good cycle touring

  2. is the best tool you can use for Portugal.
    For Spain we found the tourism information quite useful. We wont recommend any books, we rarely use them for travelling… we mainly used people recommendations and feelings.
    Have a nice trip!

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