Super dust

Bicarbonate soda is your best mate ! You should always have a handful with you

⇒ added to coconut oil and you have a deodorant

⇒ added with a little bit of water in the shower and you'll have shampoo

⇒ put on your toothbrush and it clean your teeth

That's without counting all the other common uses that our grand-parents have been doing before we were even born..!

Just take few minutes to look around you...

There is plenty of alternatives for the mass produced soaps, shampoos and deodorants that we use everyday. If you can't imagine yourself not using anything at all, go to one of your organic/natural shops and they will have an interesting varieties of products that aren't harmful to you nor the environment.

Still, you might think, why not just use the normal products, from super markets or pharmacies. Lets just start with deodorants. The main two reasons are ; Aluminium and ParabensDSCF1259-Easy-Resize

Aluminium salts is used to stop the sweat. Which is quite useful for deodorants and antiperspirants, but if we naturally sweat there, there must be a reason... ? On top of that, there's plenty of research that links aluminium salts with health diseases,  such as breast cancer...

Parabens is mainly used to stabilise and conserved esthetic products (used in many different commercial products). Paraben is an endocrine disruptor that will affect your health on the long terms. They modified our hormones and are often related to genitals malformations...

Most of the time we use them because, we symply don't know that they are harmful or when if we know.. its often laziness or comfort that stops us changing out habits... Myself was no exception, I too had to go out of my comfort zones...

I've used the same brand for 16 years, and I thought I couldn't imagine myself using something different, but look at me now... putting coconut oil and bicarbonate soda under my armpit..! =)


What about Shampoo? The main problem with shampoo is the fact that most of them dry your hair terribly, and removes the natural sebum. You'll then end up with dry hair, so you'll use conditioner... 24 hours later you'll have greasy hair... What's the point ?

The list in conventional shampoo is long and full of incomprehensible ingredients. Few of them that we shouldn't not use anyway here's few example ; parabens(again), Phthalate, petroleuom ...

Here's is my answers : Bicarbonate !

If you mix 1 tea spoon of bicarbonate soda with a little of hot water you'll end up with a paste. Use that paste in the shower to wash the roots of your hair (where its greasy). When every single root feels  clean, rinse your hair until there's no more residue of bicarbonate then rinse your air with 1 cup of cold water, added with 1 table spoon of apple cider vinegar (or any vinegar) and here you have..

Perfectly clean hair

For soap, we usually use a bar of organic natural soap and put it in a clip-able container, so you won't have a disaster in your bag when travelling. This can be used for cleaning your clothes and dishes too. We've found a Multi-Use soap in Decathlon and we'll give it a go...

Ok... the Decathlon is not fantastic but does the jobs...

P.S I also clean my teeth with Bicarbonate... and they feel great. I've realise that I have less pain with tooth with cavities and less tart on them... Lovely =) It's good for short term but not on forever you'll then need to do a proper past.

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