Local over corporate

Depending of the country you'll be travelling in, finding organic products might be a mission or an abundance. In SEA, it was quite difficult to find organic products, so what we did in this kind of situation was to shop in farmers markets. By doing so, we got fresher products, and often for a better price. If you're looking for some other treats, you might not find your Oreo's here, but you'll get a fantastic selection of sweets from the regions. We loved the dried mango and ginger along with the piles of delicious fresh fruit.

By buying from local farmers markets, rather than corporate supermarkets, you'll be putting your money into better hands. Big scale supermarkets grind farmers down to the ground with harsh deals buying all their produce at the bare minimum. With all these profits being slowly divided up in the cooperate hierarchy. 

Always buy local, whether it's in your home town or when on the road travelling. Going to the farmers market will not only deliver you the freshest fruit and veg around, but let you into the world of the local people, you'll enjoy your time with them and treasure the experience.


Normally we try to get organic products when available. The problem with mono crops and conventional farming is the use of pesticides and herbicides. We're slowly killing the soil by using them too much and getting rid of important nutrients that feed the soil. We've got rid of old varieties of vegetables by genetically modifying and choosing the strain that are more productive.

Some might say that most of the pesticides and herbicides are volatile, so even an organic farm can't be 100% organic... Yes, they are volatile but the percentage inside is minimal compared to conventional farming. Don't forget that; what we put on the plants then goes into the soil, joined the rivers... to finally end up in the sea... It's a long, long cycle.

It's a slow process, but by choosing the right product, we're voting for a better future and demanding better quality products...

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