Money Matters…

Several ways to make your travel money go a little further

Meeting other travellers and exchanging currencies from the last country. Everyones a winner. But the bank!
Get a good currency card - often there is a maximum withdrawal fee at ATMs, sometimes as low as $80 a pop. 90% of the time there will be a fee from ATMs, which is unavoidable, plus you will pay a fee from your bank. Find a card that won't charge fees - we used Norwich and Peterborough - a UK bank. But there is plenty of available options for each country, have a look on some forums and share the word.
Finding the remaining 10% of ATMs that don't charge a fee can be difficult.. but they do exist. Research online to find where there is no-fee ATMs.

Thailand - Citibank.

Cambodia - several options, we used ACLEDA (Link for other options).

Laos - we didn't find one.

Vietnam - Vietinbank.

Have you found any others? Leave a comment to help share with other travellers.

Another note on money

Bring dollars with you.

They are used as the predominant currency in Cambodia and widely excepted in the surrounding countries. Border crossings will often ask for payments in dollars. Bring more than you think, as they will find ways to increase the fee. However, try to bring only; uncreased, untorn - crisp notes. Ask for new notes in your local Bureau de change, as anything post 1990 can be refused...

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