Buying the bikes

There's plenty of nice bikes riding around the Algarve and we thought we would be in for treat with the selection of bikes shops around.  However we found it hard to find the bikes we saw 'advertised', and on asking we were often told that they were brought from their home country... Reluctant to fork out a sum of money for decathlon  bikes and keen to keep to our reusing attitude we looked for second hand bikes.DSCF0290-Easy-Resize

We used;

Local newspapers

The country's version of gumtree/Craigslist: Portugals is

Bike shops 

Second hand shops

After a couple of weeks we found the bikes we needed.  Cynthia's bike was found in the basement of a specialist bike store for 250 euros. The owner was selling a Swiss couples bikes, whilst they invested in new E-bikes. It came fully equipped with  front pannier, mudguards, odometer and a baggage rack.

Our new travelling companion, Miriam, found hers online with OLX. The bike was a great buy at 180 euros and again came equally well equipped like Cynthia's. (picture to come)


Finally mine was found in a second hand store - more of a cashconverter type of shop, for the grand total of 45 euros. The wheels were rusty and it needed some work here and there. There were no mud guards or baggage rack, but I managed to find these parts on and old abandoned bike. One problem though, was that the abandoned bike had 28" wheels compared to my 26"s... So you can see in the picture the slight problem..! 

Miriam's bike came with a nice comfortable butterfly handlebar, whereas we had to put on some short horns on to the end of our handles bars to give us a little extra moving capability. It's an important factor to consider when bike touring to give yourself that comfort and that also led to us picking up cycling shorts this time round..!

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