What is this trip about?

Enjoying life on a different rhythm...

In life, we often tend to do things too quickly, with little effort and empty amusement. When you travel by bicycle you need to be fully committed; you'll constantly be challenging yourself on different levels, leaving your comfort zone and getting dirty & sweaty. All of this makes the rewards much greater; Magnificent landscapes,  different cultures, new people, interesting food, and so much more.

  It's a very affordable way to travel for a long time, you are completely independent and carry everything with you, hum yeah on the bikes! They take the weight and you enjoy the view. Your opportunities are endless and you're rarely limited in what you can do.



Showing that...

Anyone can start bike touring - Miriam having never ridden a bike further than the shops before, was ambitious to join us on our journey through Europe. She kept up with the pace, coped with us (not always easy =) sang in the rain and rode with confidence.

Our first trip as bike tourers was in South East Asia, it was a fantastic experience and easy for beginners as we didn't have to carry much luggage. The food and accommodation was so affordable that we only carried clothes! After pedalling more than 1000km on this trip, we can tell you that we are glad we started over there.

  These two very different trips both highlight the fact that bike touring can be for beginners, whether you fancy the fully loaded option (camping and cooking) or the lightweight alternative. 

Miriamos cooking couscous -Bike touring

Proving that...

Bike touring won't burn a hole in your pocket. Buying bikes second hand, camping in the right places and spending your money right, will let you travel for a long period of time. Still treat yourself, enjoy what specialities are typical of the region whether it is the food or the drink! With a treat, a healthy diet and a good life, the three of us went through only 15 euros a day.

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