What’s in our kitchen?

  • Spice boxes

  • Goon sack

  • Grater

  • Saucepan and pot

  • Mixing bowl

  • Matches

  • Chopping board

  • Knife

  • Spork/ and mix set

  • Gas cooker

We have all this into one 30L pannier, along with the food - of course! This means sometimes the bag may have bulges and it has to be organised in a certain way. We had tried having these objects spread across several bags - balancing weight. But this proved impractical when it came to cooking when we have to detach and search every bag for different cooking utensils. So our recommendation is that you really keep it all together - keeping it simple.




The spice boxes from Sistema are great as with the click lock we don't end up seasoning the inside of our panniers! They are small, so they don't take much room, but enough to last a short trip when travelling. At the moment we are carrying...

Curry powder - Crushed chillies - Himalayan Salt - Cumin

What do we cook?

Cooking gear - Bike touringWhen we first started our trip we were actually considering to go without a gas cooker, having everything raw and cold. But with cool nights by the Atlantic coast, we questioned ourselves on this idea. In the end we decided to play it safe and buy a very small pot and pan with gas cooker. You can see in the photo how small it packs up. The kit all together cost under 50 euros and we don't regret this decision as the comfort of a hot dinner was priceless.

Pasta / rice/ couscous?

They are all great sources of carbohydrate and will leave you full and with enough energy to continue riding. But each one has its advantages over the other...

DSCF1565-Easy-ResizeFor us packing extremely light, with little water and a small pot we were unable to cook satisfactory amounts of pasta (at least 500g of pasta for three people..!) Pasta demands at least one litre of water to every 100g of pasta - so this was impossible with our small scale kitchen...

Rice may be a more water efficient option being a total absorption of all water, but it takes up to 15 minutes to cook. Meaning 15 minutes more of gas...

For couscous, boiling an equal quantity of water is the most effective water consumption. It only requires the water to be boiled, and then to be poured onto the dry couscous for absorption. We pour the boiling water over the couscous in a plastic container meaning we are then able to reuse the pot to cook some vegetables to go with!

Washing dishes - Bike Touring

How do we do wash the dishes?

We often use beach side showers, the sea, water fountains and on some occasions have asked restaurants if we can use the bathroom. Above we were limited for choice and so ended up washing the dishes on a building site..!Bamboo cloths - Bike touring

We use a MULTI use soap that is concentrated to last a long duration, and also is practical for washing clothes ect... We also decided to purchase this bamboo cleaning cloth compared to a sponge. This is because the cloth is easier to dry on the back of the bikes as we ride, and it is made of bamboo - so it is biodegradable..!

Do you have any other tips or tools that you have to share on cooking and camping?

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