Dialling code: +855

Drives on the: Right

First impressions:
The curiosity of the Cambodian... they always had a million questions to ask and their English was excellent. It was a great feeling to enter Cambodia after struggling for weeks trying to communicate with the Vietnamese people. Cambodia is probably as flat a country as it can be. Despite the southwestern region next to Thailand, home to the Cardamom Mountains, the countrys average elevation is 126m. Plenty of flashy temples, a multitude of monks and smiley faces gives this place a very authentic feel.

Cambodia was our last country on our tour and it was not as easy as we thought it would be. The land is flat, that's for sure, but the long straight rides on the highway pass slowly. With little to offer in terms of food and drink, we felt more fatigued than usual. After crossing the from the Vietnamese border, we headed to Neak Loeang, totalling over 100km. Manageable with the quality of road, but weary of the route, we decided to hitch a ride into Phnom Penh. We flagged over a minibus and he threw our bikes in for all the dollars we had on us... about 6!

Sadly we didn't ride our bicycles as much as we originally intended, keeping this chapter short, deciding instead to spend our last days chilling by the beach in Sihanoukville (Otres 2 being by far the most beautiful section of beaches). We don't regret our choice as we had a fantastic time by the ocean, and still cycled around the outstanding Angkor Wat for 3 days. We then had to sell our bikes in Siem Riep which wasn't as straight forward as we expected. Click on the buttons below for these episodes.


Prices below are listed in USD, this is because every commerce quotes their price in dollars. There is the local currency of Riel, and its handy to have a few on you for tuk-tuk rides ect, but we wouldn't recommend converting any in your local bureau de change.The ATMs most likely will withdraw in USD, and it can be handy to choose an amount that won't just give 100 dollars bills. $280 is a wiser choice than $300 as it might take you some time to break the big note. Click here for some information on saving fees on ATMs whilst travelling.

You will receive change often in a mixture of the two currencies. Roughly 1$ = 4000 Riel.(When we were there in 2015)

So if you pay for something that costs $1.50 or 6000 Riel, and pay with a $5 bill, you're change would be $3 and 2000 Riel...

A little bizarre at first, but you will soon get the hang of it and the Cambodians didn't seem as big hustlers as their eastern neighbours..!


Rice with pork: 1

Vegetable: 1.50

Noodle soup: 2

Khmer curry: 3


Angkor beer: 1

Cafe : 0.5 - 1

Coconut: 1

Cane juice: .50


Hostel dorm: 3-5

Hostel private: 8-10

Guesthouse: 10-14

Hotel : 12+


Hello: suor sdei

Thank you: orgoon

Yes : baat

Please : sohm mehta


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