La Gi to Long Hai - 80km

Brief: Occasional eating options. The mid-section being quite barren and plain. A few small climbs into Long Hai.

We left Lagi in search of a morning swim and we found exactly that at Coco Beach Camp.

It was just what we had been searching for the whole time down the coast.. iced coffees on the beach, friendly staff and comfy hammocks. When we arrived we explained our touring trip to the owner, he  then welcomed us to relax on the beach, take our time and make use of the showers and sun-loungers.

They offer good quality tent accommodation on the beach along with huts and a beach bar We were tempted to stay a night but with only 5 days left on our visa we had to head back onto the road.

 We had taken Le Minh Cong out of Lagi and rejoined it after our swim at Coco Beach camp. Take the road Nguyen Du to the right and then a left on the hwy QL55 The road from here has the occasional town every 10km or so and we found ourselves hungry at times.

It's worth to top up the snack supply in the town of Lagi. The road is fortunately fairly quiet in terms of traffic, but unfortunately quiet in terms of things to see. It's flat and the scenery is fairly dull. We feel tired and stop often for ice teas and coffees - there are plenty of options to rest in a hammock and refresh with a cold beverage along this stretch.

Coco Beach Resort - Vietnam


Breakfast - market - La Gi - Vietnam
Breakfast - market - La Gi - Vietnam

 25km from the beach camp there's the option to take Ven Bien, it's a quieter road and again hugs the coast. The road eventually sees some change and that is to a large golf course and resort in the town of Ho Tram. There are affordable Nga Nghis here, but little else.
This being our original first option to sleep, but with intentions of finishing the day by watching the sunset and drinking a beer in the sea we had to really push hard to the west facing town of Long Hai. The road takes a small curve inland before eventually splitting in two. Both will join the TL44A, but keep left and it'll save some time.

The TL44A is a far busier road and soon we have the option to pick up some  delicious Banh Mi's to have on the road. The town of Long My has some beach access and accommodation options, but we wished for a sunset.. and the west facing town of Long Hai could offer us this. The next part has a couple of long hills prior to getting to Long Hai but at that time of the day it was a lot more manageable...Map - Coco beach resort - Bike touing Vietnam coast - La Gi - Long Hai

Arriving at a roundabout, take the second exit Duong 44A and continue for a couple kilometres... the first options are on the higher end, but if you continue a little further along there is more affordable Nga Nghis and we stayed in the military hotel for 200,000 Dong - facing the beach with a beautiful room.

We picked up some cold cans and then pulled up by the beach. Refreshing ourselves in this water with a purple sky it was a great ending to the day. It was pretty much the last day of our bike touring trip in Vietnam and it was a great way to end it. There was a fantastic selection of street food about 400m from the hotel and here we ate some of the best crab..!

The following day we only had a short ride to Vung Tau where we took the bus to Saigon.

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