Learning Vietnamese is going to help you A LOT. We only learnt a few words when out there, but a little really went a long way...

The Numbers

A very simple system and by learning the numbers from 1-10 and 100, you'll can be able to count to a thousand…

 How they look Ξ How the Sound

1         một - mot

2          hai - hi

3           ba - bye

4          bốn - bone

5          năm - meuh

6           sáu - sawuh

7           bảy - bah

8           tám - tam

9           chín - cheen

10          mười - moy

100     một trăm - mot tram


So 89 = tam-moiy-chin (8-10-9)

And 143= mot-tram-bone-moiy-bye (1-100-4-10-3)


Sounds complicated ? You’ll soon pick it up.


Some other useful things to know


nha nghi – guesthouse/motel – often the cheapest accommodation option that still maintains a high standard – wifi+shower+towels ect

cho – market – We loved the market and every village/town/city would have at least one. The fruit was so cheap and also was a great place to source out the local speciality.

xin chào - (sounds like Sinchow) – hello – little words make all the difference… as does..

cảm ơn – (sounds like: come on) – thank you -  easy one to remember.

bao nhiêu - (sounds like: Bow new) – how much ? Important to ask before ordering anything otherwise you’ll have an awkward situation on your hands.

đắt quá - (sounds like Dat Qwa) – The often first response after the previous question ^^ The Vietnamese will be surprised you know this word and will ‘generally’ offer the fair price second time round !

And that's about as far as we got. We tried and failed to learn the word for vegetarian and with sign language it was pretty difficult... So Max ate my meat too. See books for some suggestions on picture-pointing book. Add any comments with other useful words below!

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