Dialling code +856

Drives on the: Right

First impressions:

After crossing the border from Thailand at dusk, our first impressions were a drastic contrast to its neighbour. The roads were filled with kids on motorbikes, loud music and general mayhem. The accomodation options in the city of Huay Xai were a lot dirtier and dated than Thailand. The people seemed to be either extremely friendly or quite blunt.

Laos is a very unique country in this region with a small population of 7 million, the isolated villages create a very far from home experience, however the mountains are unforgiving and the roads are inconsistent in quality. By the end of our time in Laos we had turned to admire it's charm and the further afield we went the more special the experience became.

The Laotiens speak a good amount of English which is comparable with Thailand. However, the further from the cities the less... Think about picking up a phrasebook as it will save you time and avoid being misinterpreted!

Our prices for Laos might not be 100% representative for the whole country as we didn't stay long enough to visit all regions to create an average. Prices below are shown in Laotian Kip, look at the current exchange rate and bear in mind we did this trip in 2015.


Pad Lao: 10 000

Papaya salad : 8 000

Fried rice: 10 000

Fish Laap : 15 000




BeerLao: 8000 -10 000

Smoothie: 15 000

Soft Drink : 8000

Cocktail: 20 000 - 30 000




Hostel dorm: 40-60 000

Hostel private: 50 - 90 000

Guesthouse: 60 - 90 000

Cheaper rates for long stay




Hello: sabadee

Thank you: khàwp ja̖i lãi lãi

How much is this: thao da̖i?

Sorry: Kho Tod

This a short chapter of available rides due to several damaged parts and the beauty of travelling by boat. However this ride is definitely worth a look.


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