Long Hai to Vung Tau - 20 km


Brief: easy and simple. Flat roads, well paved and plenty of ammenities.

The last day of our coastal tour... And it was off to a good start with coconuts by the side of the road - then leading to barbecued fish and some cane-sugar juice. This was our first time drinking cane sugar and it was deliciously refreshing!

We left the military hotel and proceeded along TL44A, this road has plenty of spots to get some breakfast. After this turn left at a large triangular junction onto the HL5 and continue straight until the roundabout. Take the first exit - duong Ven Bien and continue straight to cross a bridge. The road naturally bends to the left, and eventually arrives at a roundabout. We took a left here and then followed this to the bus stop. To get to the bus stop, carry on straight until you get to a set of roundabouts. On the second roundabout (the enormous one) take the first exit, continue for half a kilometre then take a left on Xô Viết Nghệ Tĩnh. Follow this for a couple hundred metres until you see the coaches..!

Map - Long Hai to Vung Tau + Bus stationWe decided to take a bus into Saigon to give us more time exploring the peninsula and to save ourselves a stressful cycle into Vietnams biggest city. The bus situation wasn't as simple as we had wished and our plan B of taking a train - didn't even exist..! There was a company (Futa) that would take our bikes, but wouldn't be able to take both at the same time... They have 12 buses running between the 7am-7pm, and so we decided to put one bike on the 6 o clock bus and then the other with us on the 7 o clock bus.

The prices were: 100,000 per person  100,000 per bike

By taking the evening bus we were then free to explore Vung Tau for several hours... despite bad reviews that what we had read in a guide, we quite liked Vung Tau... we enjoyed cycling around the peninsula where there is a handful of beaches to visit and lots of locals enjoying the sun.

We dropped off the first bike, left the second at the bus station and headed off into the local surroundings for some dinner. The bus was very comfortable and also had a stop halfway through - in case you didn't get time for dinner! When we arrived in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) we had to walk 100m to the given address, where our second bike was waiting. It was a simple procedure and the bike wasn't damaged in any way.

We spent 3 days and 3 nights exploring Saigon... It was a very complex city with a handful of interesting sights and museums. We left the city the day before our visas expired to visit the Cu Chi Tunnels, then heading to the border.

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