Mui Ne to La Gi - 90 km


Brief: frequent eating and drinking stops throughout the day. Regular hills throughout the day. If take the right roads - its a smooth ride.

Following the HamThien on Nguyen Dinh Chieu along the bay of Mui Ne for 16km, then joining Nguyen Thong we left our small paradise behind. Skipping breakfast along the tourist strip of Mui Ne we decided to have a late brunch in the town of Phu Thuy. This town is fairly pretty with blue boats scattering the river.

Leaving the town there is a cheeky option of a detour to cut the corner off... but we don't recommend it...AVOID - Cycling Vietnam


It seemed like a logical short cut to take this but it was uphill, rocky and full of broken glass. Click on the picture next to the video and make sure you don't take the dotted route, instead take the Tran Quy Cap (the grey route) heading to the TL 719. It will make your journey longer but definitely quicker and less work. If the situation have changes, please let us know...

Mui Ne to La GiThe next part of the journey is right by the coast... but unfortunately there are many resorts along this part and access is limited... We asked to go to the beach and afterwards pay for a coffee, much to the irritation of the reception... Coffee was 3 times the price than down the street and tasted 10 times worst ! This is a fairly plain part of the route, but eventually the road spills out into the biggest abundance of dragon fruit trees. Riding through field after field of these long gangly-armed green monsters is quite an experience and we pulled over to pick a handful.

Dragon Fruit Trees - Cycling Vietnam

Cycling Vietnam


We pass a beach called Bai Tam Tan Hai (76km from Mui Ne), here there is a few options to sleep and we regret not stopping for the night as it soon fell dark. We rode for 15km along a road that doesn't exist on google maps which lead us to a roundabout. The no named/non existent road is parallel to the TL 709 and at the time unfinished and very bumpy.

It was a difficult challenge trying to navigate through this minefield whilst racing against the sun. By the time we reached the roundabout it was dark and we were losing our bearings. We picked up some WiFi signal and realised there was plenty of choice for Nga Nghis in the town of Lagi only 4 km away.


Lagi was an ideal spot to sleep as there was a market, a handful of restaurants and a comfy bed. Its a fishing town with some fantastic beaches in its surroundings. However you probably won't need to spend more than one night here.

We had a delicious breakfast by the market the following morning, before heading onto a idyllic beach. Have a look at the next journey to see details.

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