Nha trang to Ninh Chu Bay - 95km


After parting quickly from the beaches of Nha Trang and subjecting ourselves to the hardship of a bike touring holiday, we decided the next opportunity of relaxation would be taken. This just happened to be Ninh Chu Bay, a beautiful microclimate hosting the most consistent weather in Vietnam. It offers a great oasis from the chaos of Nha Trang and the QL1. Ninh Chu Bay is situated by the city of Phan Rang/Thap Cham.

Brief: nothing too difficult in terms of climbing. The QL1 was being repaired and made riding difficult, but should be finished by time of reading. Restricted eating and drinking options on TL657I. Not the most beautiful ride. Note: if taking TL702 - is hilly and limited eating/drinkings options.

Nha Trang - Cycling Vietnam

Nha Trang to Ninh Chu Bay mapWe took the TL657I out of Nha Trang keeping to our coastal intentions. The road is unfortunately not as beautiful as the map may suggest and even on the peninsula before joining the QL1 the map teases you with your location so close to the sea. The resorts block off all access and is very frustrating in the midday sun.

After rejoining the QL1 via the second bridge (by the airport) we rolled into Cam Ranh. This is where we had originally planned on staying, but as we had rode quicker than expected due to the lack of beach options, we carried on further south.


With plans having changed, we would also have to adapt our route. We originally wanted to take the coastal road TL702 around to Ninh Chu Bay. But there wouldn't be enough hours in the day to make all the way, and there were no visible Nha Nghis on Google Maps en route...

So we stuck on the QL1 for another 14 km from the possible turning for TL702, until a turning appeared on our left (no name road). Immediately relishing the change in scenery from the highway we passed through a ford in the road and then were accompanied by a couple hundred cows.

This was a fine ending to our days hard word. A little hungry, we topped up on Banh Mi's in one of the tiny towns before Ninh Chu.

From here it was a simple enough ride to find accommodation. There are a few listings on booking.com if needed, otherwise read below for information on our recommendations.



Ninh Chu Bay Beach Club & Bar - Vietnam
We felt very relaxed in Ninh Chu Bay and overstayed our expectancy by far! We stayed in a Nha Nghi for 100,000 a night, only minutes from the water. We ate everyday in Ninh Chu Bay beach resort and rode into town to refresh our fruit supply. Ninh Chu Bay resort offers tent accommodation and a fantastic quality of food and drink. We were drinking Pina coladas with sunsets and delicious Ninh CHU FRIENDSstouts with juicy burgers.

Curious to see what we missed on that coastal road, we borrowed a scooter and went exploring. The TL702 is very hilly and our cycling friends from Hanoi told us that they had to go back to the QL1, after struggling on the road for several km. however I don't think it's impossible, the right bike and time of day will help for sure. There are some stunning bays and also a few accommodation options in Vinh Hy.

After a little break from riding, we were ready to hit the road with Mui Ne to be our next destination. With a late start we only made it as far as Ca Na. Have a look at this route to one of our favourite rides in Asia.

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