Ninh Chu to Ca Na - 48km


This section covers one of the new coastal roads built along the central section of Vietnam. It's a beautiful break from the QL1 and was incredibly quiet. When we rode along in November 2015, it had just been built, but there were landslides from either side of the road. Halting our progress from time to time, making us short of our target of Mui Ne. These breaks were a small price to pay for the glorious views.

Brief: Barely any eating/drinking options outside of these two towns. The road quality is good. We experienced strong winds and had a few minor hills to battle.Road Block - Cycling Vietnam

Due to a late start from Ninh Chu and several broken spokes on Max's bike, we made less progress than usual. Riding parallel to the bay along  the road - Yen Ninh, we crossed a bridge (Cau An Dong) south hugging the coast.

The road suddenly becomes very quiet, with little traffic and even less amenities. The final town, Son Hai, is on the left hand side 20km from Ninh Chu. With a belly full of soup and plenty of snacks in the bag, we pushed on.

The coast is really exposed and there are some epic views along the way. It's a pleasure to ride this section...enjoy it!


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Ninh Chu Bay to Ca Na MAP

This section of the road lasts for another 20 km before arriving in a flat salt-farm complex. We rode into the small streets of Ca Na to find a mechanic to fix the spokes, before heading onto the QL1 in search of accommodation. We used google maps to help locate a room and we found something for 140,000 on a road called Cang Ca Na.

We had struggled to get a room in one or two other places due to a large number of workers building the road at that time. Again, the beauty of having bikes was that we could quickly find another motel.

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