Internet in Asia

Generally the internet availability out in Asia is very good. With most cafes, restaurants and hotels having wifi, even in the remotest of towns. Despite this the connection in Laos is very poor and you will be waiting a while to upload pages..(sorry about the large images on our website adding to this!)

In Cambodia, often you would pick up the wifi name, but the password given wouldn't work 50% of the time. Not due to a typo error, but to the fact that they either hadn't paid their bills or there was a problem with the network. Vietnam and Thailand seemed to have little problems to note.

If you do manage to get on the internet without trouble, there are several sites we found useful out there.

For all train related information, the man on seat 61 has done a fantastic job at clearly detailing all info from prices to times.


For information on other routes, travellingtwo have covered vast distances of the globe. However, bearing in mind that they did their world tour in 2007, some prices quoted will have changed as well as the existence of some accommodation. Their website is still very informative and will help you planning your travel easier.

Daniel Carruthers also has a great cycling blog that gives good idea to where you might want to go.

Another good one, full of information in South East Asia is MrPumpy. Its got some great humour and lists routes that we hadn't taken. The information is simple and to the point.

For a list of other cycling blogs, ranging from the extremely entertaining, to the most precise, have a look at this list from the London Cyclist.

We recently discovered a new page that gave us a great insite into what may be coming up on that days ride... . The elevation is well represented with this online map and you may need to reconsider how many miles you plan on doing that day..!


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