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  1. Hi guys, awesome blog. Without a doubt one of the best I’ve come across. My name is Simon from Melbourne, Australia and I’m planning a cycling trip from Hanoi to Saigon in Dec/Jan. How long did your trip take in total and on average how long did it take you to ride 10kms?

    All the best, Simon

  2. Hey Simon,
    The trip was limited to 30 days because of the visa we had. We suggest obtaining a 90 day if you want to see everything and cycle the whole way. We took a train on a couple of occasions and missed out on Dalat and Sapa because of our time frame. We averaged 100km a day in Vietnam as there were few hills and we had the wind behind us at times (going from north to south). We would average just under 20km an hour at a relaxed pace and would set of early in the morning and ride until dusk. Good luck with the trip! Hope this page helps you out along the way! Have a look at the language section too – it will help A LOT

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