Dialling code: +66

Drives on the: Left

First impressions: Friendliest people on the planet. (Googled to find out they're in fact the third friendliest nation in the world). A good level of English in the cities and a reasonable amount to get by in the countryside.

Jaw dropping mountains in the north, lush paddy fields littering the landscape and exceptionally fragrant dishes that will leave you ravenous for your next feed.

Check out this page for some quirky facts on this beautiful land

Our first bike touring trip began in Bangkok, as complete amateurs, without a GPS and minimal cycling experience. However with a large appetite for adventure we discovered the beauty of bike touring and South East Asia was a great place to begin. Read into our experiences on these unfamiliar routes through the country of Thailand.

To pick up maps for the different regions in Thailand, visit a 7/11 store, which you can find in most towns and cities.

Here are a few prices that you can consider for your budget. Food wise, prices are based on street food and local restaurants (not touristy ones). In most places, Thais can speak good enough English for you to get by. Most accommodation will be cheaper in a private room based on two people. If you're alone try to partner up with a fellow traveller, keeping costs down.

Click here, if you're interested to know more about the delicious Thai food.

Prices below are listed in Thai Baht. Look at the current exchange rate and bear in mind we did this journey in 2015.



Pad Thai: 40-80 Baht

Curries: 60-120 Baht

Fried rice: 40-60 Baht

Vegetable: 50-70 Baht




Chiang beer: 55-80 Baht

Smoothie: 40 Baht

Coconut: 40-60 Baht

Cocktail: 100-150 Baht


Hostel dorm: 150-400 Baht

Hostel private: 150-600 Baht

Guesthouse: 400-600 Baht

Cheaper rate for longer stay


Hello: sah wah dee

Thank you: khop khun

Good: dee

Good buy: sah wah dee

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