Tuy Hoa to Van Gia - 66km


This leg of the trip has got to be one of the highlights of Vietnam. It was just as we had pictured it, smooth bends winding down coastal tracks, fishing communities and a plenty of beaches. We went out onto the peninsula 21km before Van Gia, adding on an extra 20km to the day, and it's definitely worth every push of the pedal.

Brief : One or two small passes - for 2-3km at a time. The whole route is well surfaced and requires little navigation. Regular food and drink stops throughout.Vietnamese Pho Ca (Fish)

Leaving Tuy Hoa at the crack of dawn, we followed Phuoc Tan - Bai Nga for 22km. The road is quiet and there is little to see and little to eat. So carry plenty of snacks with you as you won't be able to find anywhere to eat for at least 40 km.

The environment soon improves and we are exposed to the crashing waves and white sands. The road climbs a little and the push is really worth it for the views on top. We met another cycling couple from Hanoi along this route and stopped for an ice coffee further on down the road. We finally pass a small roadside village where we manage to get a soup. We ate in the small roadside town of Dai Lanh,  less than 7km from the peninsula.

Deliciouse Coconut

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We then veered out onto the peninsula, where on one side there is a calm sea glistening in the sun. With the otherside facing north, being the polar opposite - huge colossal waves and fierce cloud formations. We refreshed with a coconut and enjoyed the company of the local people, before heading back to the coast. Our friends later told us they slept in a Nha Nghi on the peninsula - so options are here if you wish. Tuy Hoa to Van Gia MAP

We chose to keep riding south from the Peninsula in an effort to make more progress in the day. But when the sun started to go down, we googled Nha Nghi, to find a bounty of options in Gia. In fact, it was actually a great place to sleep... We slept metres from the lapping waves,  the town had plenty of street food beside the river and was home to some fantastically curious people.

Our next days ride was to Nha Trang, the famous beach resort. To read into this see the start of our southern Vietnam section.

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