Van Gia to Nha Trang - 60km


Brief : Flat cycling, excluding the mild hills around the jut of land prior to Nha Trang. Plenty of eating options throughout the day and some interesting sleeping options at Doclet. Mainly highway cycling.

Road to Nha Trang - bike touring

Eating dragonfruits for breakfast on the balcony overlooking the calm water was a hard sight to leave. But determined to beat the midday sun, we hit the road early.

However, it wasn’t so necessary to leave for the sun, as on this day, the heavens opened. We have discussed in our luggage section that we wouldn’t bother bring waterproof trousers, and that's because the water is so warm and refreshing. That said on a day like that, we were very greatful for our waterproof panniers.

Riding on the QL1 wasn’t too bad; there was reasonable room for us and with company of the other cyclists we soon arrived at the junction to Doclet – which is unnamed on google maps bVan Gia to Nha Trang - maput there is some signage for this dirt road. If you miss this you can take TL652B – which we took on the return leg to the mainroad.

We chose to make this detour out to Doclet as we only had 60km journey to do and had heard good things of this area. It’s a quieter alternative to the hectic city of Nha Trang. There is a great place called Paradise beach, and here they offer for $50 ; two people, all meals, tea&coffee and of course a room with a bed.

Unfortunately with the bad weather, Paradise – didnt quite live up to its name… so we headed into Ninh Hoa for lunch. Coming of the QL1, keep right merge onto Tran Quy Cap, cross the bridge to come across the market. We found that markets would supply some great local delicacies as well as the opportunity to reload on fruits and nuts. (Market = Cho)

Following the same road further south, it rejoins the QL1 – from here it is another 20km of highway riding, until the opportunity for the Ql567 is on the left handside. It’s actually signposted as Nha Trang and is a breath of fresh air from the wide loaded company on the QL1. This elongated road around this small mountain has a beautiful fishing bay, along with long sweeping views of the blue water. It’ll be only another 20km until you hit the city centre of Nha Trang. We found accomodation for 240,000 and it was harder to find much cheaper within the city centre. There is a small microbrewery on the beach and a Cham Tower to accompany the miles of sandy beaches. Nha Trang is a bit of a bizarre city, firmly on the tourist route, and is fairly ugly. We slept the night, swam the morning and cycled south.

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